rhapsody of you



NASA Watching Atlantic Tropics: Katia, Tropica...

NASA Watching Atlantic Tropics: Katia, Tropical Storm Lee and System 94L [detail view] (Photo cred

Rhapsody of Fire
Rhapsody of Fire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

it: NASA Goddard Photo and Video)



your aura entered the room


and all else disappeared


my heart melted into yours


the brilliance of you premiered


the miles between us were of no consequence


the kitchen was where we sat


you off in another country


focused on the chat


and me…here with the laptop


can you imagine that


while the seconds tiptoed into minutes


my ear listened to you every word


minutes lapsed into hours


the breath of my heart could not be heard


soon a single digit…time stood still


for only YOU captured my being


i saw or heard nothing …


only YOU  in my dream