“Sorrow prepares you for joy.
It violently sweeps everything out of your house,
so that new joy can find space to enter.
It shakes the yellow leaves from the bough of your heart,

Snow Borne Sorrow

Snow Borne Sorrow (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

so that fresh, green leaves can grow in their place.
It pulls up the rotten roots,
so that new roots hidden beneath have room to grow.
Whatever sorrow shakes from your heart,
far better things will take their place.”  – Rumi
Rumi’s thoughts that “sorrowprepares you for joy”  is difficult to believe when you are in the midst of pain. “Life will become better”
is a faraway dream.  However, the part that says, “it violently sweeps everything out of your house”–yes, that resonates with me.
You venture out of yourself for something new.  You risk all that you have. You lay yourself bare. You give it every ounce of energy you have…every hope…every morsel of belief.
We go through sorrow…not because the universe gives it to us…it just happens. Perhaps it happens because the person or thing that you perceive as having the potential to bring you happiness, eludes you, takes a detour, is distracted and goes off on another tangent. And you are left there thinking, “Wow, what just happened?”

Have you ever been blind-sided?   Your insides go crashing down. The drop felt within is akin to the drop you feel when the roller coaster climbs over the last track and then lurches you into a downward spiral…part of you remains on top of the carousel. You find yourself weeping profusely inside and out. You can feel the tears inside tearing you apart…ravishing every belief you have in yourself…strangling every bit of hope…fighting you for your last ounce of courage.

Then you think, “Did this really happen…again?”

Maybe this is telling you something…

How many roots must be laid bare?  How many roots must be torn out?  How many times will you be asked to begin anew?
Many, many times…and each time…you have to pull yourself together, and say to yourself, “Not this time…maybe the next time.”  And you take a step forward and begin again…
The dichotomy of wanting fulfillment, seeking fulfillment comes full circle. You have to come to terms within yourself and be at peace with yourself..

To quote from a fellow blogger, Advocatemmmohan,” In this endless Universe, you come with a place of you, reserved especially for you alone, no one can fill it.”   [See his blog and read his poem using this link :