I am just ME

lines and curves

I am no one in particular

No one special indeed

I have my mistakes

Piled up to my knees

I try my best

That is all I do each day

Yet, Who I am

scares You away…

Yes, I am vulnerable

and have hit the wall

not a few times but more

rejection  like a swift ball

I have shown you who I am

you have seen the good and the bad

I have shown you my weakness

and now I m scared sad

3 responses to “I am just ME

    • I see you visited me some time ago…thank you for your very kind words! If it is not too late, I will accept the award. Thank you so much! Life and all it involves has kept me away from my site…it was a pleasant return to see your words, CCChanel41! Thank you!

      • Of course, please do! I hope you are well. I am glad you had a pleasant return. Looking forward to your return as life allows xxx

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