lost star

a million stars in the sky

then one special one came by

dancing delightfully singing its song

nothing in the world could possibly go wrong

it found its way into my heart

and of myself, I gave a part

together the love lit my day

together the love inspired my way

how different each moment was then

how light and easy my time did spend

all seemed possible in the light

all was beautiful till that night

now that the light has gone

no joy or smile is left in my song

how do you heal a shattered heart?

I wonder how one heals a shattered heart
I wonder how that happens
Plaster does not work…too many cracks
Superglue neither…impenetrable–would not be able to breathe
Cement…seems it would kill one completely

I wonder how one heals a broken heart
I wonder how that happens
Each moment another breath is taken
Each day another step is walked
Each day a bit more sun comes in

But it is painful…the light
The light reveals all that was hidden
The truth of the betrayal comes full force
You have to face it and live it
You have to face it and swim through it

lonely-heart-on-monitor-showing-loneliness-100144847And it is HELL

today…another day of missing you


I remember…
the way you would raise your hand and your index finger would encircle your ear
as your cute smile reached ear to ear…
I remember…
the way you would gently brush by me, touching me ever so gently to let me know
you were there with me…
I remember…
your texts that would appear on my cell in the middle of the night
telling me a midnight “hi”
I remember…
speaking to you until dawn, never having to search for words to say
I remember…
how your soul became so intertwined with mine…how my thoughts anticipated yours…
and we would speak the same lines simultaneously…
I remember…
I remember…
I remember…
…NOW…I do not know you anymore…
you left without warning…
you left so abruptly…
you disappeared before my eyes…
and NOW…
I cannot hear the birds sing
I cannot see the blue of the sky
I cannot feel the wind
I cannot see the beauty of the moon
I cannot find my place
you left …and forgot to take me along…

time stood still…for YOU

you came into the room

and all else disappeared

my heart melted into yours

the brilliance of you premiered

my ear listened to you every word

for seconds turned into minutes

and minutes into hours

it was a single digit

time stood still

there was nothing else around me

for only YOU captured my being

i saw or heard nothing …

Blossoming Magnolia, 2013, Photo Credit: Jane H. Johann

only YOU… did I see