There is a dichotomy About Veterans

The Veterans of our country deserve our support and help and our government should be doing all they can to help them!


This was not what I was going to blog about today, but it will wait. I am very upset about what is being unearthed about the Veterans Administration. I feel I need to do some explaining. First of all, I am a Pacifist. The Vietnam War saw me protesting and speaking out against an illegal war. There was also a draft. It was not our first one but it was the first draft I was alive to experience. Dinner time included parental rants about guys in long hair, and making sure rules were followed no matter how stupid they were. The television was always on and we watched the scenes in black and white of the horrors of death of war, the first time such images were presented so vividly to the masses. Then that day’s draft numbers were announced. There were sighs of relief or cries depending on what…

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