the Grand Manipulator


"Confusion"   2013  Photo Credit: Jane H. Johann




Was I in a trance, did I see a  sideway dance?

You played the game so well!

Narcissistic lover

With your devious undercover

Furtive glances, lingering left and right

While I questioned what I saw in plain sight

Benefit of the doubt bestowed upon you

While you laughed and joked and made me the fool

Even in the end, the reprimand was given first from you

Of course, to your narcissism  you remained true

You could not help but giggle at what you had done

Your glance at yourself revealed so well

While smiles dance on your lips

I think of the cheating between your hips

The long absences when you left me alone

Thinking you were helping someone else I did not phone

Thinking always the best of you

While all the while you were being untrue

Your anger at my concern

When you had disappeared for hours

Thinking perhaps some accident had befallen you

While you were dressing your new lover with flowers

Quite a few times I wanted to call you to task

But I knew jealousy showed no class

So I put up with your ceaseless texting on your cell

As you paved your way to lustfull hell

No boundaries for you

Yet you tried to paint me the fool

Convincing me… it was me… not you

“You are over reacting… you’re  jealous; it is true!”

You would say anything to cover your tracks

Rip me apart and tear me down

So you could continue the acting as a happy clown

Devil woman you are through and through

You didn’t give a damn about me and you

You got your conquest and then you were through

On to the next, you didn’t care who

Even at the end you could not come clean

You are such a devious, lying machine

No heart have you… cruel through and through

Politely you would smile all the day long

Just to laugh at me with your deceptive song

Within two hours you were screaming your scheme

How delighted you were at what you had done

You wear your deceit like a glove

What you called your “pure and simple love”




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