two disconnects

Love Tears

Love Tears (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

two disconnects

that is all it took

to disconnect

so misunderstood

what I meant

what I should not have said

words came tumbling out

clearly confusion in my head

I was out of sync

followed by a tear

more tears rolled out

falling with great fear

another and another

so many tears about


so many tears do shout

life’s course  determined

words without the face

over the Messenger

humanness touched with a trace

minus the reality

can’t we rise above

you did not give us a chance

can’t we find the page of love

lost and confused

subtleties of expression

words failing

life in regression

i am who i am

you are who you are

why does love elude us

why does love keep us afar

where is the hope

for a better tomorrow

love is greater

have some faith

do not judge me so quickly

perceive me not as a wraith

a complete unknown

love is greater than a disconnect

you don’t know me

two disconnects and now regret



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