Washed Out Grey

Moorgreen reservoir - geograph.org.uk - 311862

Moorgreen reservoir – geograph.org.uk – 311862 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


washed out grey kind of day

feeling somewhat dismayed

it is almost noon

no hint of the moon

the sun or the stars

i have not heard from afar

the pain is deep inside

baggage can subside

hope and believe

and we will fly in the breeze

wistfully brown

come to change my frown


Seaglass Love

March 8                                    

Cedar Bough

Cedar Bough (Photo credit: Chris Campbell)

cedar boughs carry the frost white of snow
layering beauty upon beauty
joy joy joy serenely smiling upon life
as your being comes into mine

Yellow flower

Yellow flower (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

sunflower yellow delight
sings the apricot sweetness
carrying me towards the cerulean sky

Yellow blue abstract lines

Yellow blue abstract lines (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

drifting inside and out
falling to the earthwater
aqua teal droplets of hope

a butterfly entrance

English: Butterfly in Assisi work

English: Butterfly in Assisi work (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


March 7



You have Become my Smile



I can’t stop smiling


or figure out how to single space


my sadness has left no trace


but I know you will understand


you always do– my happiness dance–


you fill me with smiles to smile at you