Priest admits Hell is an invention of the church to control people with fear.

My sentiments are exactly with this priest. I feel that positive affirmation of God within us and we taking charge of our personal responsibility in life is much more life-giving than forcing sinfulness and condemnation down our throats and everyone’s judgment of one another! It just has not made sense to me as to WHY God would send his Son to die for us—Jesus came to an untimely death BUT not because God willed it…that just does not make sense! Humanity was not ready for Jesus…so the choice was made to kill him. Jesus did NOT have to die FOR our sins….I think he died because OF the sins of humanity. The Church then made him into this sacrificial Lamb. The Church could have presented Jesus, instead, as the Person of Love that he was. Fear does exert control…but it also brings with it judgment and comparison. Love, on the other hand, promotes self-acceptance and personal responsibility.

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