Being Oneself

“The greatest challenge of the human experience is discovering who you really are.
The second greatest challenge is living in a way that honors what you have discovered.”
My Renewed Mind

Photo Credit: c.Olivia, 2011.

Photo Credit: c.Olivia, 2011.



looking in the mirror

looking more than once

looking in the mirror

feeling like a dunce

looking in the mirror

taking inner stock

looking in the mirror

feeling quite a shock

looking in the mirror

smiling at what is there

looking in the mirror

finding you’re quite rare


living the reflection

being true to who you are

living the reflection

accepting all the scars

living the reflection

knowing we are all one

living the reflection

knowing you are less than none

living the reflection

being who you are

living the reflection

claiming your own star





“Never apologize for being sensitive. It is a sign that you have a loving heart and aren’t afraid to let others see it. Keep in mind that showing emotion is a sign of compassion and strength…

~Mar Rozaian

c. "Intensity" Fall, 2015. Photo Credit: Olivia.

c. “Intensity” Fall, 2015.
Photo Credit: Olivia.

Do not let your tears flow

Pull those droplets back into your being

Until the day comes when you no longer feel

Plastic, perfect white teeth

Smiling from ear to ear

Pacifies the crowd’s hunger appeal

Emotions strongly felt

Cinders spark deep within

Keep in check for the fortune wheel

Stay on the fringe

No commitment create

Until the day arrives, where you fall and kneel

When you have dropped low

And acknowledge your heart is not steal





Keith Olbermann Eviscerates Sports Media Over Their Treatment Of Women

I am very happy to reblog this. A man standing up for women against the NFL. What does it say about us as a society? What does it say about Women who support the NFL? Why are woman NOT outraged at this? Please direct your likes and comment to: